Wheel Keepers are important in maintaining proper torque of the wheel assembly by creating a perfect mating surface for a variety of commercial applications. They are engineered to absorb and trap imperfections and debris on the mating surfaces and to withstand extreme hot or cold conditions.


Many wheel-separation investigations reveal that when debris lodged between the wheel discs broke free, wheel nuts became loose resulting in a loss of clamping force.

Wheel Keepers prevent debris from breaking free, so the wheel never shifts, and clamping force is not lost. The result is a secure fit of the wheel assembly.


Wheel Keepers are made of a proprietary super tough nylon composite specially designed for this application. In new applications Wheel Keepers create a seal between the mating surfaces stopping corrosive chemicals from penetrating them, therefore reducing the cleanup of corrosive foreign material. This saves time and money for the technician and the transport company.

It is important to note that because the Wheel Keeper absorbs and traps unwanted debris, it should be replaced every time a wheel is serviced.


  • Wheel Keepers provide gapless, secure fit on single and dual wheel assemblies


  • Create perfect mating surface between drum and wheels to ensure a secure, tight mount, reducing wheel-offs



  • Prevent wheel bonding from corrosion, ensuring hassle-free wheel disassembly


  • Prevent galvanic electrolysis between aluminum and steel wheels



  • Proven product for over 20 years


Made in Canada in accordance with Standard (s): ISO 9001:2000

WARNING **Safety Precaution** This product, as well as all tire tools should never be used by persons unless they have been trained properly according to O.S.H.A. Regulation #29CFR 1910.177 entitled “Servicing Single-Piece & Multi-Piece Rim Wheels”. For a Copy of the Regulation please contact this manufacturer (Flema).

Wheel Keepers with trapped debris

Examples of used Wheel Keepers


trapped debris:



Below are examples of used Wheel Keepers with trapped debris,

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